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New year, new resolutions?

New year, new resolutions?

We are a week and a half into this brand new year, and I feel I’m on the right path with my resolutions: I am impatiently awaiting a parcel from Amazon that will allow me to share with you something crafty I’ve been looking forward for a while… I will only tell you this much: it involves oven clay, it is very easy to make and you will be able to decorate your table with it. If you’ve never worked oven clay before, this will be a perfect beginners project. I hope to surprise you all in a few days!

I also bring you a new product review I have recently discovered and I’m in newfound love with: Milch Mandel Creme, a nutella-like almond flavoured spread without palm oil. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, it really contains no palm oil! Do you remember when nutella was divided into two colours, and everyone liked the dark chocolate looking one best? Well, I was the strange kid who liked the white one better. This is the colour this spread has, and it tastes just like almonds, which I just happen to love. It has quickly become my go-to toast breakfast, even though I’m trying very hard to pace myself and not go through the entire tub in one sitting. New recipes on the horizon, my friends… You can find it at the REWE and Sky supermarkets in Berlin-Brandenburg for just a few euros. Let me know what you think!

And last, but not least, let me share with you some snippets of a recent visit where we ventured into an abandoned sovietic village that was as creepy as it looks. I won’t be publicly sharing the location, for obvious reasons, and as always we were completely respectful of the place and whatever we found we left untouched. I hadn’t had the chance to do this in years and it was really cool to wander around completely undisturbed except for some creaky window shutters and the odd twig snapping, adding real ambiance to the experience. See for yourselves!


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