Marble effect clay coasters

When the blog first came to life I thought of this project as the first craft I wanted to introduce to you, and for one reason or another I’ve not found the time to go buy oven clay as my supplies at home went dry from lack of use, as the last time I made anything with over clay was 2013. But I plan to change this, so I ordered some new clay in really nice colours from Amazon (bless the Internet and home deliveries) and as soon as it arrived, I couldn’t wait to start working on this! These coasters are very simple to make, the perfect beginners project, so those of you who haven’t worked with this material before can get familiar. I plan to bring you many more projects in the future, so let’s get you introduced! This clay is as easy to work with as play dough.

I wanted my coasters to look modern with the marble effect and some cheerful colours, which is why I went with white, yellow,. dolphin grey and silver. Aren’t they beautiful? I got the idea for marbled effect clay from one of my most visited blogs ever: ABM. I mean, these women are all amazingly talented, one cannot help but admire the wonderful things they come up with!

So, gather your tools and let’s have some fun together! This is what I used for 4 coasters:

  • 3 to 4 different colours of clay
  • a base to cut on: thick cardboard, cork…
  • something to roll out the clay: rolling pin, a mason jar…
  • a cutter or sharp knife
  • a hexagon print out (click here for the printable version)
  1. Roll out the amount of each colour that you want to make a “cord”. I used a lot more white than the other colours, as I wanted my coasters to remain mostly white with small splashes of colour here and there.
  2. Put together all the “cords” and twist it. With this big “cord” repeat steps 1 and 2, that is, roll out and twist once again.
  3. Fold it into a ball, press it on a flat surface and roll out with a mason jar or rolling pin. Make sure it isn’t thinner than 0,25cm so your coasters don’t end up too thin and possibly break easily.
  4. Take the template and place on the clay, cut out the shape and repeat 3 more times.
  5. Place on a baking tray and bake in the oven according to package instructions.
  6. Allow to cool before handling.


  • I like matte, but if you’re the shiny type you can buy some glossy varnish and have it brushed on after step 6.
  • Here are the links where I found the yellow clay, the silver one, the dolphin grey and the white one.
  • Don’t forget to leave me a comment and let me know how your coasters turned out! If I get enough interest, I might arrange a giveaway!