Kitchen fails – mistakes make us better

Here I am with a new Kitchen Fail story volume II, this time from the hand of Jesica from Barcelona, one of my most faithful readers and also the lucky winner of the giveaway that I organised last month.

My last “fiasco” (I never give up until I get it right) were my muffins. I did a batch in the morning and they came out delicious, although too heavy for my taste. So in the afternoon I made a second batch (the morning muffins were gone) and I beat the eggs a little too much and doubled the amount of baking powder. In the first 9 minutes in the oven they were perfect, until they begun to rise, rise, rise… They were looking great until… they exploded! They spilled out of their molds! When I brought them out of the oven they looked like monsters! I took them out and there was dough only on the sides and a layer on top, so my dad said to stuff them… That’s when I got the idea! I made a new batch, followed the recipe to the letter and they came out great. Then following my dad’s suggestion I filled them with chocolate with a syringe! They were the best muffins to date. But to get the idea I needed the explosive muffins to happen!

As you can see, this is another story about muffins… they can be really tricky! This is a very common mistake. But I’m with Jesica and advise you as well not to give up until it comes out right. I myself am very stubborn and follow this principle as well!