Sweet oils

I originally wrote this on the first week of October 2018.

It’s been a week since I received my Young Living starter kit, and I can already list several benefits:

    • I’ve suffered from a stress related eczema for longer than 10 years, something that no dermatologist ever bothered diagnosing properly. Each and every time I went for a consultation, and even a few times where I ended up in the emergency room, they prescribed a generic cream with cortisone and sent me packing. This summer it got so out of control that for several months I was almost completely covered from my chest to below my knees. Sometimes it was so itchy I couldn’t even sleep, and the desperation has put me on the verge of tears more than once. Anyone who has suffered from a skin illness will understand that it ends up being an emotional burden. But after applying Frankincense and Lavender it disappeared in three days!
    • I’ve always had trouble falling back asleep if I wake up in the middle of the night. I’ve been using one drop of Lavender on each side of my pillow and since then I sleep like the dead. And even when my tiny bladder wakes me up, I fall asleep pretty quick after that.
    • My immune system has always been really weak, I will catch anything and everything. If I wake up with a sore throat, more often than not it will be a guarantee that I will spend the following three weeks trying to get rid of an awful cold. Last Friday as soon as I felt something coming, I started applying Thieves on my feet and my back, and RC on my chest, twice a day. I’ve managed to keep the cold away! UPDATE FROM JUNE 2019: I’ve only been sick with a cold once since October.
    • Panaway + Copaiba + Peppermint = say goodbye to sore muscles. Both me and G work many hours behind a computer, and therefore suffer from back pain often. We are very happy with this blend, and my next order will include Balsam Fir in order to create an even more effective pain palliative.
    • Years ago I had a sinus operation which I cannot in good conscience recommend to anybody. Going under the knife for a temporary solution to sinusitis is most certainy not worth the trouble. I’ve been seeing different doctors for years without a long term solution, and now it seems my search has ended. RC and/or Breathe Again in the diffuser and Thieves in my palate and no sign of sinusitis!
    • When I was 16 I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia which caused me constant digestive problems. My diet is permanently limited and I suffer from regular discomfort due to this. Now that I have Digize I can apply some wherever I have pain or discomfort and I can count on it being gone in half an hour. For real. And this particular blend is so potent, it can get rid of nausea and gastroenteritis.

All of this on its own would already be enough to convince me that essential oils work. However that is not the extent of it. When you diffuse essential oils into the air, the effect is incredible. On the first afternoon after I received my kit, I made the mistake of putting Peppermint in the diffuser. I almost couldn’t sleep that night! – Peppermint is a vigorising and stimulating oil – This is the best way of changing how I feel. If I’m having a bit of a moody day and I need to cheer up, or if I feel stressed and need to relax, even when I wake up and I need to feel energetic, there’s always something in my Young Living box of oils.

From then on I’ve been carrying my “bag of oils” wherever I go, it has become as sacred as my keys, purse and phone! I have a roll-on with diluted Peppermint and Wintergreen, for headaches and pains that might decide to show up during the day. Purification also has a roll-on of its own, in case of a cough or sore throat. My trustworthy roll-on with diluted Lavender, Geranium and Frankincense has many uses, mostly skin related. Just the other day my colleague at work showed me a nasty burn she had on her arm, as she already knows I have an oil for everything, so we applied some on it. I actually used this on my finger in the kitchen, as I got a splash of hot oil, and I never even got a scar! As you can see, essential oils are incredibly versatile, and in my life they have already substituted numerous other cosmetics and cleaning products.

I have a homemade spray in the kitchen for general cleaning: 15 drops of Thieves, 15 drops of Lemon, a teaspoon of baking soda and 500ml water. I use this to clean EVERYTHING: bathroom, kitchen, floor, I am not even kidding. As we live on a ground floor in a building with humidity problems, we got some mould next to a window and I sprayed it with this mix. I wiped it with a cloth after about 30 minutes and I honestly have to say it looked like magic. I didn’t have to scrub or spray again, as with other chemical products you might buy at a store. With the store-bought products we used before, we always had to make sure to leave the windows open while using it and not to be in the room for a while after as it can be dangerous to smell such products. With Thieves and Lemon I have no worries of the like! I spray, and me and my family can happily sit and watch TV while it works.

If you’ve managed to make it all the way down to the bottom of my rant, this might mean that you too are looking for a healthier alternative in life. If so, get in touch or follow this link to get started right away!