This is me

You probably guessed right: I’m a food maniac! And if you landed here, you probably are too. But I’m also passionate about many many (too many) other things. Writing (my life-long dream since I can remember), reading, crochet, photography, Berlin (my adoptive home since 2011) and Mallorca (my native home), and the rest I hope you’ll find about in this blog. I come from a multicultural family and ended up in a multicultural city. My roots are all over the place: Great Britain, Uruguay, Spain, North Africa, Italy… Probably explains why I’m such an eclectic character.

I studied Art History when I was way too young to know what life was all about and what I would want to make out of mine. Then I jumped onto Interior Design – see? I told you you’d find out more about my passions, just bear with me – and after graduating, I moved to a new country with a whole new language, which meant starting afresh once more. So I’m neither an Art Historian nor an Interior Designer, but I’m happy about where I am.

I hope to share my passion(s) with you and make your day maybe a little bit brighter through it.